Lead Photographer

My Love
Skyrim "Proud Nerd"
Lagavulin 16, 1 Bottle = Free Photos
Oh Fall, You leave too soon
I have been known to dress up
Scotland 2020
I love my hometown Pacifica, CA
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My Story...

After a few desk jobs I found my passion for the arts. Being a graphic & web design major I am always on the lookout for art that is visually appealing. I apply what I have learned in my creative years and shape what I love through the lens.

When I walk into an establishment and see something made of wood, stone or olive green I am without a doubt getting a closer look. My middle name should be Earthy. I literally have a framed piece of Moss art beside my desk. Aside from photography I enjoy an array of things: running, autumn, an Islay scotch"Lagavulin 16", history, candles & the occasional video game when my creative brain needs a break.