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Lead Photographer


About Me 


Always a creative soul, I inevitably made my artistic passions a professional reality. As an erstwhile Graphic & Web Design major, I am constantly looking for beauty in the world around us. I apply my creative training and years of experience to portray the things I love with a unique vision through the lens.


​Things That Speak to Me


Earthy and natural tones, deep and enticing textures – these are the things that enchant me. I am inspired by the subtle beauty of wood grain, ancient stone, and olive-green hues. There is such poetry in creating something refined from the most rustic of elements.


My work is my passion, but I find pleasure in many things: long-distance runs with a view; the crisp air and color of autumn; the bold character of a single malt scotch whisky (Lagavulin 16 is hard to beat); the intrigue of history; and the occasional video game when a real break beckons.   

2022-10-24 - Sarah, David & Somer Session-7.jpg

My Life Now


I married the love of my life in 2016. We’ve been blessed with two charming daughters. It’s wonderful to watch them explore life in their sincere and innocent way. I am learning to prioritize peace every day. Seeking better ways to achieve this has helped me find meaning and inner happiness. Our family is thriving!

My Journey in Photography

Nate & Lindsay Wedding - David-16.jpg

After 150+ weddings and a decade of photography, my enthusiasm has not changed. Every new event on my calendar is a unique experience that fills me with excitement.  


Photography has brought me the best of life. I get to work with inspiring families and individuals, building friendships amid scintillating locations. My job is to seek beauty, to place people in it, and to capture the resulting magic forever.


I couldn’t be happier with the lay of that land. The future is bright and I’m always ready for the next adventure!

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