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How I got here and the things that consistently fill my cup!

About Me

David - Master photographer

Always a creative soul, I inevitably made my artistic passions a professional reality. As an erstwhile Graphic & Web Design major, I am constantly looking for beauty in the world around us. I apply my creative training and years of experience to portray the things I love with a unique vision through the lens.

My work is my passion, but I find pleasure in many things: long-distance runs with a view; the crisp air and color of autumn; the bold character of a single malt scotch whisky (Lagavulin 16 is hard to beat); the intrigue of history; and the occasional video game when a real break beckons.   

David Manak-5.jpg

Earthy and natural tones, deep and enticing textures – these are the things that enchant me. I am inspired by the subtle beauty of wood grain, ancient stone, and olive-green hues. There is such poetry in creating something refined from the most rustic of elements.

Meet Somer

Master photographer

Somer and I met in 2021 and Immediately connected over our shared passion for photography and weddings! We have become a team who works as a single unit and feeds off of each other's creativity and outgoing personalities. I am so proud to have her as a key role in the journey of Northern Glow and as a wonderful friend!


Hi there! I'm Somer, pronounced like the season "summer." Ironically I'm a lover of all things cold, cozy, dark and moody. I was born and raised in Colorado which I still call home. Although I have resided in CO, that has not stopped me from exploring the world beneath us. I have traveled to 14 countries, and 11 US states. I still have A LOT to see, and plan on it. They say life is short, but I feel that we have more time than we think, to do all the things we dreamt of doing.

Meet My Top Tier Vendors

The Crème de la crème

Averaging around 35 weddings a year I have had the opportunity to meet all types of creatives and professionals who work hard to make weddings a success. These are the ones that stood out through the years. They have a personality that is warming and fun to be around. The passion they have for their craft shines. If your still looking to check off a few boxes on your to do list, reach out to them. I'm beyond confident you won't be disappointed!


Donnah Phipps

Based in Colorado, Poised Events is here to collaborate with you and have fun as we help you create significant events for life’s greatest moments. As you are always the heart of our business, know that we will be here with you every step of the way. Let us handle every distinct-element and tiniest of detail so that it comes together effortlessly to create that lasting impression.


Olivia Perry

We are here to not only play great music, but to also host your big day! From timeline coordination, working with your vendors, playing your special songs, making important announcements, and getting the dance floor moving - we’ve got you covered from the moment the ceremony begins until the last song of the night. All weddings are unique, view our packages designed to fit any event and budget!


Ashley Eileen

I believe beauty is meant to stir the heart, to uplift and inspire us. The gift of marriage accented by the natural beauty of flowers is my passion and I'm honored to accompany couples during this beautiful season of life.


Scott Morrison

Our team is dedicated to providing a comfortable and easy experience to our clients. From our first call, we will listen to your needs, and work closely with you to create the wedding film of your dreams.

Trust is the foundation of any good relationship, and we strive to earn your trust by providing helpful resources and advice, as well as reliable and quick communication so you feel confident in your decision to choose us for your wedding video needs.


Chris Rasmussen

I specialize in cinematic wedding films with personality. I’m based in Denver, Colorado but also travel around the world for projects. 

I look forward to working with you!


Nolan & Jennifer Campbell

Hi there! We are Nolan and Jennifer, photographers based out of Colorado Springs specializing in natural light wedding photography. We thrive on capturing romantic engagements, weddings, and elopements and can't wait to hear about your adventures! We'd love to meet up, grab a cup of coffee or a beer and chat about you and your plans. Shoot us a message or give us a call!



Our family began in 2016. We’ve been blessed with two charming daughters. It’s wonderful to watch them explore life in their sincere and innocent way. I am learning to prioritize peace every day. Seeking better ways to achieve this has helped me find meaning and inner happiness. Our family is thriving!


My Journey in Photography

After 275+ weddings and a decade of photography, my enthusiasm has not changed. Every new event on my calendar is a unique experience that fills me with excitement.  


Photography has brought me the best of life. I get to work with inspiring families and individuals, building friendships amid scintillating locations. My job is to seek beauty, to place people in it, and to capture the resulting magic forever.


I couldn’t be happier with the lay of that land. The future is bright and I’m always ready for the next adventure!

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